Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some of our Christmas Traditions

I can't believe it's only 9 more days until Christmas!!! The small window between Thanksgiving and Christmas really didn't help things either. I feel like I'm ready, but hurrying to finish the last few things I need to get done. (wrapping the boys gifts, baking a few things for Kevin's deckhands at work, mailing cards)

As a child we had traditions within our family. Now that I have my own family it's so fun to do our own traditions at Christmas time, especially ones that the boys ask for!

Like baking cookies. They have been asking when it was time to cut out "fancy" cookies with the cutters and use sprinkles. Any excuse to eat, is a good one. Especially for boys. I can't keep food in this house.

Baking is so fun. Sometimes it can be chaotic with kids helping, but those are special times so I try to always have a thankful heart that I have two healthy kids who are able to stir, lick the spoon, and make a big mess. 

Looking at Christmas lights is of course a tradition for most. This year we have added who can spy a nativity scene first. Then counting how many houses have them. 

I love the Christmas tree and taking pictures in front of it. I love Christmas clothes, and red shoes on the boys at Christmas time. 

We always go bowling around Christmas time. The boys love it, so we went last week. This was our 2nd time to go. They had a blast!!! So did the parents :)

Reading Chriatmas stories before bed all month of December. (This story is actually not a Christmas story but you get the idea haha) we have a collection of books, and also visit the library once a week for new ones. The boys get so excited for new stories. I LOVE that they love to be read to. One of my favorite things. 

Christmas shopping for our friends and family has also been a favorite this year. The boys are old enough to really put thought into what they want to get for specific people. However, this day Kipton was showing me he'd really like to have this big dog. He loves animals, however he is very rough and loving a little too much to our own dogs and drives them a little crazy! :) We find them under "traps" because he likes to trap them and call them "bobcats". 

I hope to always enjoy these traditions with the boys and Kevin.. I am so thankful for them!!!

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