Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was beyond magical this year with a 4 and 3 year old. They loved everything and going to all of the homes we visited. They love going to grandmas and uncle johns because we don't go there often. 

Some of my pictures on my big camera won't load, so these phone pics will have to do for now. 

Our church does a Christmas Eve Eve service and I help teach the boys class and the teachers decided to do a Happy Birthday Jesus party instead of our traditional lesson, bible story. We had a Veggie tales Christmas movie on, made a craft, decorated cookies, and had hot chocolate. 

Christmas morning came, and we just played and played and took the day slow and easy. 

Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls were made the night before. The recipe made 7 pans!!! I sent most to the guys on the river. They were soooo good. 

The boys got BB guns from Santa. Of course they can only use them when we are with them. They have enjoyed them sooo much. 

They want to be cowboy hunters they said. We've just hung out at home mostly because the boys want to play with their loot. I've got a lot of cleaning done and all of the Christmas decor down. 

It's been a great Christmas week! Looking forward to a little New Years Eve party! 

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