Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years : Welcome 2014!

UI can't believe another year has come and gone. WOW that happened so fast! 

We enjoyed our day first off with 6 friends coming over to play. It's soo nice having friends over so the moms can chat, and the kids can play. We had the best time and I got zero pictures to prove it. Being the host is busy, but so worth it to get everyone together. 

I told the boys if they were happy and nice to share their toys with friends that afterwards I would take them out shooting their BB Guns. They were SOO happy to share all of their new Christmas toys :) It was a win win for everyone. 

We ate lunch, took "rest" and then played until Kevin got home from work.

We pulled out our yummy food, played many board games, competed in Wii games, blew on our noise makers, and enjoyed time at home in our pajamas.

Hope your 2014 is great!!!

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