Sunday, December 1, 2013

The return of Bucky the Elf

Day 1: Bucky made his return two days after Thanksgiving. He brought new cocoa and marshmallows for the boys and had the table all nice and Christmasey :) they were so excited. 

Enjoying some hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows of course :) 

Day 2: Bucky was hiding under our tree with our collection of Christmas books. I keep these in the attic with the Christmas decor so the boys only see these around Christmas time. We have already read them all :)

Day 3: Since I'm posting this at 10:30pm this is for tomorrow morning. Bucky is in our spare bathroom taking a bubble bath. How nice of him to bring extra bubbles for the boys and a luffa for each. (Target dollar section) 

Hope you and your kids are having so much fun with their elf. I love seeing all of the pictures and ideas :)

Happy December 1st!

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