Friday, December 6, 2013

High five for FRIDAY!!!!

I am so thankful when Friday comes! It's the end of the fast mornings getting Karson off to preschool and it just seems "more fun" and also relaxing. 

1. This week we finished up our decorating for Christmas. (House tour coming soon) we got out our Christmas pajamas and I realized Karson has been wearing these for 3 years now :)

2. We have been reading all of our Christmas books before bed. 

3. We have loved and hugged on our bear on our front porch. Kipton loves animals and asked if I would take his picture. 

Kipton enjoying the tree at preschool while we were waiting for brother to finish up his morning. 

4. One evening this week it was 50 degrees so we thought it was the perfect time to head to the park nearby that puts on a great Christmas light display. We walked the entire park. It was so fun! The boys loved it.

5. Even though we aren't getting the snow like in the East, I am enjoying the pictures on FB and instagram of those who are. We got our snow last week the day before Thanksgiving. We had a blast in it, and I'm hoping that some of the snow from Arkansas will come our way!

Have a great weekend!

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Karen said...

Your porch bear is too cute along with your own to snow bears.