Sunday, June 2, 2013

Days of Kipton with a cast....

Well, we have 1 more week with this nice NEON green cast. I will be so thankful to see that cast go, and see his arm again. I will say, he has not complained 1 single time. It has shocked me to say the least. 

I mean....what broken arm are you even talking about MOM?

We have been staying busy outside. The boys liked the baby pool this time, but now they are over it. They are wanting to actually SWIM. 

Kipton is the most thoughtful child, as is Karson. He was pouring water on my feet because he said "Mommy are you getting hot? Let me cool you down"

Watching him work so hard to get the water in the bucket and carry it to me with a broken arm was just too sweet. He is always thinking of me. 

Taking a minute to relax, drink some warm milk (per request), and watch a "little show" 

You have taken the broken arm like a champ! Mommy is so thankful to have a boy as sweet as you.
I am also even more thankful to have two healthy boys, who just have to deal with little broken bones and not any serious health issues. We are so blessed to have you and your brother. 

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