Thursday, June 6, 2013


Another week has past and we are all looking forward to a better weekend than last. We have been knee deep in the van buyin, and sick catchin days. 

We finally found a van to replace our last van that was totalled last month in a car wreck. Thankfully finding and negotiating was the easy part. Getting everything else together has been the slow part. Hopefully by next week we will have our new "to us" van. 2007 Honda Odyssey. We are really looking forward to some new features that our last van did not have. Including all leather, power opening doors, and the DVD system for the boys. 

It is a true blessing that we found this van. It meets all of our needs. 

After a totally healthy home all winter, we all came down with the head cold/sinus infection/bronchitis. It has been ZERO fun! Add in the fact that we've had no car for a few days and it's just down right BLAH! 

After getting some medicine, I am starting to feel MUCH better and now the boys are just left with coughs. 

Having us all healthy is such a blessing that we take for granted! 

We have two doctors appointments tomorrow. One is Kipton being able to get his cast taken off. Praise the lord! We are so thankful this time has come. I am praying the the bones are healed and we will get the cast taken off. 

Karson also has his 4 year old check up. 

It is a HUGE blessing to have healthy insurance for these doctors appointments. I know MANY people that do not. I take many things for granted. 

*After praying for 5 months for Kevin's job to pick up, we got good news today. The Lord is seeing us through this hard economy, and work is picking back up and Kevin is so thankful. The boys and I have honestly said a prayer each and every night for this. Thanking Jesus for all of his blessings tonight* 

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