Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Karson's Big Graduation Day

Well, last Friday was Karson's official last day of his preschool 3 class. 

Then on Tuesday (May 28th) he had his graduation with his entire class at the Methodist Church.

Karson is READY for summer break. But I think he was excited to go to the graduation to see his friends for one more time before summer break "officially" began. He wanted to stand with my flag and have his hand on his heart. Cute Cute Cute!

Little brother is still in a cast, but thankfully doing well with it. We have 2 more weeks of the cast.

All smiles :)

We are so proud of Karson. Even though we struggle sometimes as parents, we love Karson unconditionally  and always will. Parenting is HARD work! I pray every night that I did OK as his mom that day. We are hopeful that Karson will grow to serve and have a love for Jesus Christ and not be afraid to share.

Karson had to go back with his class, so we sat waiting for his grand march. 

Here they come! Of course he would be holding Ms. Rachel's hand. He has LOVED her all year and talks about her so much. 

Each child was assigned a poem to say out loud into the microphone. Karson's poem was "Little Boy Blue". We have practiced lots and lots and they have also practiced lots at school. 

"Little Boy Blue"
by: Mother Goose

Little boy blue come blow your horn.
The sheeps in the meadow, and the cows in the corn.
But where is the boy?
Who looks after the sheep?
He's under the haystack,
Fast asleep.

After each child said their poem it was time for awards with their certificate. 

Proud daddy! These two could not be any more alike if they tried. Not just in looks but in personality as well. They are both so laid back about some things and so outgoing about their strong suits. Karson is absolutely head over heels in love with Kevin. 

Karson we are SOOO proud of you for finishing your first year at your preschool. You grew to love going and making new friends. You loved Cyrus and Millie in your class and you loved your teacher Ms. Rachel. You were excited to share your news with me after each morning you went, and tell me what you had for snack. You loved playing on the playground and even called one part of it your "rowboat". But most of all, it is a preschool that is open to pray, talk about Jesus, and learn how to be more like him. That is the most important part of this whole year. 

Horray for Summer Break!!!!

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