Friday, May 24, 2013

Karson's year of Preschool 3

The infamous first and last day picture is here! I can't believe how fast this year of preschool has come and gone. After much thought, I decided on the whim to enroll Karson into the 3 year old preschool at a methodist church in our area. 

The first 3 months were hard, I'm not going to lie. Karson has been my child to have separation anxiety when being dropped off. We got over that, thankfully and then it started back again here in the last few weeks towards the end. He sure likes being home and being with Kevin and I. 

He has learned a lot, and all 3 of his report cards were wonderful with all checks and check plus. That shows average and above average performance. 

Karson has had two favorite friends while in school this year. 

Cyrus and Millie

I hope to get their picture together at graduation. 

He has grown so much. 

Here is a little about Karson from ages 3 - NOW. He turned 4 in March. 

Recognizes all letters of the alphabet. A-Z
Knows the "letter sound" of all letters A-Z
Recognizes numbers 1-13
Can count to 30. (then says 100) :)
Knows pledge of allegiance.
Knows many different prayers said at school.
Can write his name.
Knows his phone number
Knows his state and the flowers, bird, and tree.
Can write other letters besides his name, but not all. (yet)
Complete puzzles larger than 10 pieces by himself. 

*Not all of these things were learned at preschool. I help him at home for about 30 minutes after nap time each day doing some kind of learning activity. Most of these things were not required for his 3 year old class, but I taught him them anyway, like his phone number.*

Karson was recently moved to a boost seat. He is much more comfortable. 

He sure is the outdoorsman. Loves to fish, hunt, play outside. Loves to be on the trampoline, could swing ALL day long if you pushed him, play in our sandbox, walk in the woods, ride the 4-wheeler/ranger, and our new thing is play baseball. We have waited to begin organized sorts for many reasons, but I would say that next Spring he will be ready for t-ball. He is in LOVE with the Reds and Joey Votto. 

He sure does love his daddy and his brother. 

I hope he loves me too. He does tell me from time to time! :)

I sure am proud of him. He is so smart and a very sweet, kind hearted boy. I am thankful to be his mom!

(after baths last night in our matching shirts)

His graduation is next week and I can't wait to see him recite his poem "Little Boy Blue" into that microphone for all to hear :) 

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