Saturday, May 11, 2013

This week wrap up!

I can't believe this week is already over. It can't be Saturday already!! The days and weeks are just flying by and I'm not liking that the boys are growing so fast and that Kipton is almost 3 years old!

On Thursday, Kipton and I went to an event with our Mother's Club. We provided the flowers, pots, and dirt for all of the kids to plant flowers for their moms. It seems almost cliche to buy something for yourself, but the kids really loved giving and crafting for their moms.

Kipton had a great time with mommy. Karson and Kevin went on a fishing trip. They had the best time. 

We have had lots of fun playing at the park with friends, and eating lunch on the porch :)

This is a great way to keep the kitchen clean :) I am ALWAYS looking for ways to keep the house from getting messy. I know sometimes it's rainy, or winter and that can't happen but in the summer and nice weather we are outside!!

My big 4 year old boy is getting ready to have his graduation from his little preschool. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is in love with baseball (even though he doesn't play yet), and loves to wear this Reds jersey. He wants us to call him Joey Votto. I think it's super cute!

Kipton is almost 3. I can't believe it!! He wants to have a party at Beech Fork Lake. I need to get on that!

These boys have really enjoyed the outside time. They have also been giving me a run for my money over the last few weeks. Kipton doesn't want to nap anymore. BUT, that just isn't gonna happen so he has to stay in his room for 1.5 hours or else he will wake up Karson. He does stay in his room very well. Sometimes he ends up sleeping, but most days he doesn't. It just goes to show just how different children are from each other. Karson is 4 and still taking LONG naps. Kipton is 2 and trying to stop them. 

Let's pray for daily naps :)

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