Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring on the Homestead

Here on our homestead, there are MANY ways to tell that Spring is here. 

My pansies are in pots and adding spring color to the porch. I have decided to just stick to flowers in my pots so that I don't have to continue to re-do mulch after planting. 

I am thankful for the growth of our landscape. We just planted all of this ourself last summer, and praying that it would harden up through winter and come up this spring. 

Our grass is growing! A sure sign that spring is here. I just spreaded another bag of seed yesterday, and hoping it takes to cover the bare spots. 

We have a robin's nest in one of my evergreen bushes. I am so thankful to see that she reused some of Bailey (our dog)'s hair that I threw into the yard for her. That is all of the white hair you see. 

This momma robin did NOT want the boys and I looking at her babes. She was NOT happy when we were taking a look and kept swooping our heads :) It made for good entertainment for the boys. 

My "bell" flowers as I call them are looking good. I forgot the actual name of them. Maybe one of you may know, but they are super easy and add lots of color.

A spring wreath on the garage door is a sure sign that spring is here! My mom made it. 

And lastly, our garden. After seeing some other garden pictures ours looks pretty drabby. We will have to work on this once Kevin has some days off work. We need some sort of border around the garden as well as fence. I know the deer are trying to find it, they just haven't yet. 

Karson choose brussel sprouts to plant. (this made me happen, the boy will eat ANYTHING!)

Our green beans are going crazy and we put up this twin so they can eventually grow up. I had just sprinkled them with Sevin dust. Hoping for a good season for the garden. This year we have a new spot and we are hoping the deer stay out of it, and it does well.

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Happy Spring

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