Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY - Bathtub Paint

Need a way to keep you kids busy while you sit down for a minute or clean up the kitchen from dinner? Stick them in the bathtub (age appropriate to walk out of the room) and give them some "bath tub paint". 
All you need is shaving cream(sensitive), food coloring, paintbrushes, bowl

Put it in a bowl and have them stir it all up.

My boys loved it. They mostly liked painting themselves to look like "hunters". Hey what can I say they turn everything into something country. Later we did smear the shaving cream onto the tub and then wrote our letters and shapes with our finger. 

You know, because you want to look like "Duck Dynasty" (so they say)

On this particular day, I was cleaning up legos left by the boys. O, I have a love/hate relationship with legos. I do love that Karson plays with them, but I definitely need a better organized system for them. Normally little brother makes this mess. 

Hope you'll enjoy this easy shaving cream paint. 

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