Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Wednesday: Kipton fell in the living room after his bath while playing with his brother. He cried, but this was a different cry. A serious I'm really hurt cry! He kept telling me it was his arm. So we looked at it and he wasn't moving it much. Kevin came home from work and we were going to decide whether or not to take him to see if it was broken. After Kevin looked at it, we thought it wasn't broken and we would wait till morning to see if he still wasn't using it. We all went to bed.

Thursday: Kipton woke up about 7:30am I went to give him his warm milk and he wouldn't drink it with that right hand. I knew something was wrong. It looked swollen. So I got him some cartoons and got a shower before Karson woke up. Kevin was already at work. I got a shower got dressed, got the boys dressed, packed up breakfast to take and eat in the van, and out the door we went at 9:15. About 10 minutes from our house it was sudden air bags in my face and we were pushed into our local firestation doors. I realized that someone had hit us head on coming from the opposite direction. All I could see was smoke and I thought the car was on fire. I got out of the van, got Karson out of his booster seat, and then ran around the back of the van to get Kipton out. I saw the car that hit us sitting in the middle of the road, but was too worried about the boys to think about that old man. We were all out and looking to be fine. Kipton has some bad seat belt marks on his neck but other than we were ok. The longer I sat, the more my back and neck were hurting. I decided it would be best to go to the hospital to get checked out. I had called Kevin but he was away on the boat and would be a while to get to us. I called Erin (a friend) to help with the boys and she was soon there. She followed the ambulance with the boys in her car. We went to the hospital and Kipton and I both got checked out. I ended up with just muscular soreness in my back and neck, and Kipton ended up with 2 broken bones in his arm. So he now has a cast.

Most of the damage to our van is in the front end. We are so LUCKY and thankful to only have some back and neck pain and a broken arm. Kipton will wear the cast for 6 weeks and then we will xray it again to make sure the bones are healing the right way. I have had lots of resting but after 4 days I'm up and moving around and feeling a lot better. 

Kipton and his temporary cast before going to get his new hard cast.

Trying to maneuver eating cereal. 

He has been a trooper. He has been a little more whiny, but overall he's not complained. He tried to continue to play just like he did before. He sleeps in the weirdest ways, it looks so uncomfortable. 

To keep from getting it dirty outside, I put a grocery bag on it. He never even cared! Just went on with playing with his mower like he didn't even notice. We did spend $43.00 extra dollars and got a water proof cast. I do still put the bag over the cast in the bath anyways. It's going to be a long 6 weeks with keeping this cast clean. 

The only word I can think of when thinking back to the wreck is blessed. 

It could have been so much worse. I have two babies still walking around being wild, crazy, and loud! Just like they are supposed to be. I am walking and able to talk. 

We are blessed. 

Thankful for a God who watches over us. There were many signs that showed me he was there. 

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