Friday, January 25, 2013

Pretty & Legos

I get SOO many people tell me that Karson looks just like his daddy, and Kipton is "pretty". 

I have to agree. He is really pretty! 

I was folding clothes the other day in my room and had this new ear warmer my mom got me. He asked me what it was so he tried it on. I sent this picture to my mom with the caption "pretty" because I truly think he is a pretty boy. However, he is ALL boy! My husband would DIE if he saw this picture :)

When our family was asking what to get the boys I suggested Lego's. We didn't have any and I knew this would be a good gift that we could continue to add to. My mom & dad got Karson this Lego table and Lego's as well as Aunt Amanda got them a huge box full. We keep it in Karson's room instead of the toy room because I feel like Kipton would just break his "creations" and mess it rather than build things at his young age.

However, he likes to try to build just like big brother. It has really been a great gift.

I have been pinning several different ideas on Lego storage. Karson's birthday is coming up in March and he's asking for more Lego's so I will have to organize something up for him. Right now they are in a clear tub so he could dig around to find the pieces he needs. 

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