Monday, January 28, 2013

"Snow" Activity

You know I am not a fan of winter if you've read any of my recent posts. I am NOT an inside girl. I like taking the boys to the park to run off their energy, on hikes around our property, to fed the animals, take long walks, ride the 4-wheeler, or just work outside!

So this winter is REALLY killing me. Slowly. 

Therefore, I am forced to find good entertainment for these wild boys. Here is one I found from Pinterest.
It was fun for them, but if you are Type A and can't let go of the mess this activity may not be for you. 

I'll let the pictures say how it went:

All you need is:

A cookie sheet
Shaving cream
Bulldozers, trucks, anything that scoops
Spoon to shovel the snow

Karson also enjoyed writing letters and shapes into his shaving cream.
A teachers dream come true :)

Karson is almost 4 and he LOVED this activity.

Kipton is 2.5 and well he liked it.....but would have rather done something else :)
It really surprised me that he didn't like his hands getting messy. Especially because he is
the. messiest. eater. ever!

Hopefully you and your kids are staying busy inside and as a mom you're keeping your sanity!

Have a great week :)

Our Monday includes: running errands and going to the library :)

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