Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Karson's Sports Room

We have officially lived in our new house for 1 year. Throughout that year we have been painting each room and trimming it out with trim. We choose for our contractor to not finish the last few details on our home and Kevin and my dad have taken over. Because they both work full-time jobs they work on things when they can. 

Karson's room was up next. He has a sports themed room. I pinned lots of inspiration for striped walls. I am not a "colorful" painter. I like white and tan. Period. However, my husband LOVES color so...he tries bringing new ideas out in me. He was super surprised when I brought this idea to him. 

And then he got started :)

                                                     Before                                  After       

The happy boy with a finished room!

The stripes were a lot harder than I thought. I would defiantly pin some ideas on easy ideas on stripped walls. I have now read them after the fact and learned my mistakes. 

Next up is Kipton's bedroom. I really want to do the chevron strips but Kevin seems to think it will be soo hard and time consuming. I'm ok with that :)

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