Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes saying goodbye to last years memories and wrapping it up. It is sad and happy! We made many memories as individuals, and as a family. Here are some of our
favorite events month by month:
  • Getting settled into our newly built home.
  • Began my last semester at Marshall University. Student teaching at Guyandotte began in the 4th grade for the 1st 8 weeks and then Kindergarten to finish out the last 8 weeks.
  • During this time the boys went to Shelly's house from 7am - 3:30pm. It was a hard adjustment.
  • Took the boys to Disney on Ice. Karson loved it. Kipton wasn't very good at sitting and  Kevin and I took turns on walking him around so Karson could enjoy it.
  • Celebrated Valentine's Day as a family.
  • Celebrated Karson's 3rd Birthday (Angry Birds at the local Jumpy Place)
  • Got our 1st and only snow of the winter. (Got a snow day from student teaching)
  • Karson bought new baby chicks with his birthday money.
  • Had an Easter Egg hunt with our church. Karson did not like it, Kipton loved it.
  • Dyed Easter Eggs and made many Easter themed crafts
  • Celebrated Easter with our family
  • Kevin was burned in a campfire he built in our backyard.
  • Began our fishing season with the boys.
  • Celebrated with cousin Dane for his 5th birthday.
  • Celebrated my 27th birthday.
  • Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.
  • Began more outside work on our house. Bulldozing more land, landscaping, finishing porch railing, planting grass seed, and getting all of the boys playset set up.
  • Finished up my student teaching.
  • GRADUATED with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education K-6. After 6 long years, a marriage, and two babies later I finally finished!
  • Joined the mother's club in our area.
  • Began full-time, no school, no homework stay at home mommy!
  • Did lots of swimming at Nana's, and in our baby pool.
  • Did lots of fishing as a family at ponds near our house and Beech Fork Lake.
  • Took Karson on his first boat ride with Erin and Josh.
  • Participated in many fun events with the Mother's Club
  • Karson attended a week long VBS at Shelly & Hayden's church and loved every second.
  • Kipton learned how to ride a tricycle by himself.
  • Lost power starting June 29th for 11 days because of a bad storm. HORRIBLE! Had lots of damage around our house including our furnace, dishwasher, TV, DVD player, surround sound system, and smoke detectors throughout our house. But, there was no damage to our family and thats what matters!
  • Celebrated 4th of July watching fireworks as a family.
  • Celebrated Kipton's 2nd birthday with a tractor party at home with family.
  • Finished landscaping around the house.
  • Swimming, fishing, 4-wheeling, digging for critters in the creek.
  • Trying to stay cool. We had a hot summer.
  • Was hired on with the Wayne Co Board of Education as a substitute teacher. I have enjoyed my 10 days I've subbed this year only when Kevin is off work during the week so he can stay with the boys. A great opportunity for me to keep my foot in the door for when both boys are in school full-time and I get a full-time teaching job.
  • Celebrated with friends while watching WVU and MU play their last football game against each other.
  • Celebrated Kevin's 32nd birthday.
  • Lost a lot of our chickens from a fox and/or raccoon.
  • Karson started 2 day a week preschool. Big changes for him!

  • Hosted a craft party for the Mother's Club.
  • Enjoyed many Halloween events. Preschool, Mother's Club, Trunk or Treat, Trick or Treat
  • Had a big snow that made everyone ready for Christmas!
  • Had Thanksgiving dinner with my family at our house.
  • Kevin killed 3 deer during hunting season.
  • Bucky the Elf made his appearance after Thanksgiving Day.
  • Put up our Christmas decorations. 
  • Kevin recieved his renewal license and went from a River boat Pilot to a Captain.
  • Karson had his preschool Christmas party.
  • Kipton gave his paci to the "kitty cat" and was potty trained in 3 days.
  • Enjoyed seeing Bucky in his new spot every morning.
  • Learned so much about the Christmas story.
  • Enjoyed Christmas with family and friends.
  • Held each other a little tighter and prayed so much for the families of the CT elementary shooting. Blessed God for healthy children, family, and great opportunities this 2012 year.

To say that 2012 was good to us would be an understatement. Thank you GOD for all of our blessings. Hello to 2013. I hope you are good to us!

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