Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter days at Home

We have been staying home more because it seems like every other post on Face book is how someone has the flu or is very sick. We have been pretty healthy besides head colds, and I don't want to risk getting the flu and especially one of the boys getting it.
So we have been HOME
What a blessed home we have. Every time I see the house I think in my mind I am so grateful for our home. I need to thank GOD more because he is the one that saw it through for us. I just know!
We got just a dusting of snow, and the boys were so happy but not so happy when I told them it was not enough to go sledding. They still dragged their sleds around with them yesterday.
Kevin has sold a lot of firewood to people needing it to heat their homes. We don't have a fireplace in our house (yet) so he mainly cuts and splits the wood to get rid of the downed trees from our land clearing we did while getting ready for our build. Yesterday he had to deliver 2 loads to a lady so the boys and I went out to see if he needed help.
The love to pull the lever back and forwards.
Karson was a great help!
Kevin gets so mad at me for bundling up the boys so much. I must just be a MOM thing :)
We walked over to mom & dad's house and the boys asked for Popsicles! Yes you read that right..they are still eating popsicles and ask for a napkin to put over the end because it's cold.
I have been a pinning machine thinking of "new" things to keep the boys busy this winter. We do have lots of things to do with the Mother's Club and Karson's 2 day a week preschool, but other than that and random errands we are normally home.
I am so thankful this New Year's Eve and everyday to be home with the boys and enjoy our home together while they are little.

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