Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

After our fun and busy Christmas Eve we got our boys to bed and the rush to finish "Santa's" jobs was in full force. Kevin was to tackle the trampoline and I was to finish the inside gifts, stockings, clean up before morning came.
I did feel horrible for Kevin having to do this on Christmas Eve, but we really had no choice. You cant really store a trampoline anywhere so it had been in it's box for over a month in our attic.
I had decided that because our boys are known to disagree fight over toys and things it would be best to pick one particular wrapping paper for each boy so they knew which presents were whos and there were no disagreements. In my season of life, everything in my mind is revolving around getting everyone to keep happy :)
So Kipton had the green cars paper, and Karson had the red Mickey paper. They both got a sleeping bag from Santa and a toy left un wrapped from Santa. Kipton got his bulldozer he had been asking for and Karson a bow and 3 arrows.
Then the wrapped presents were from mommy and daddy. Made things simple and there was no disagreeing and everyone was happy!!!
A big nerf gun from daddy.
A lot of my pictures are blurry. I'm not sure what setting my camera was on but now I see they are not in good focus. I had Kevin taking most of the pictures this morning so I could help the boys. Karson got Kipton some playdoh and a tractor that came with it.
Check out my new chainsaw bubby!
Daddy got a few things he wanted from the boys and me. He was surprised! This is the first year in about 3 years we have exchanged again. It was fun!
Of course Kevin went way over his limit we were supposed to stick with (no surprise there) and got me a Keurig along with a variety pack to decide how I liked my coffee the best. I was so excited!
Soon after presents were over, mommy prompted the boys to look for Bucky our Elf.
They finally found him sitting in the Christmas Tree with a handwritten note. It began the boys on a treasure hunt around the house. It gave them easy clues on how to get to their "treasure" (Jack & the Pirates is a favorite show right now)
The 1st clue ended up being in the boys bathroom.
Another clue was in daddy's sock drawer.
(don't look at my stacks of folded laundry, this is normally always the picture you see in my bedroom)
After many clues and searches around the house it led to their big treasure...a trampoline in the garage. Kevin couldn't put the cage on the trampoline because it wouldn't fit. We didn't want the boys to be cold so we left it like this for the first day so they could try it out. Kipton is much more sceptical than I thought. He only wants to jump if I hold his hands. Karson on the other hand is a jumping machine!!!
Around 11:00am my family headed over from Nana & Papaw Brad's house. I knew that I wanted the boys to stay home all day and just enjoy  being home with their gifts so we decided to keep things at our house. Nana, Papaw Brad, Aunt Amanda, and Drew came over to join the fun and brought more gifts to spoil the boys with.
Soon it was naptime and I thought the boys would go to be easily from all of the excitement. However, it took a while so we tried out their new sleeping bags while settling down and catching a good Christmas movie on TV.
Everyone left around 1:00 and then later Nana & Papaw Brad came back over for dinner. Kevin's work always gives the guys a big ham so I cooked that and mom made a lot of different sides. It was really good! Karson was still a little sick with a cold all day so he wasn't his 100% self.
We stayed home the next 3 days and didn't go ANYWHERE! It was wonderful and boring all in the same sense. We are so happy to have Kevin home with us for 4 days and keep us entertained. HAHA!
Today I took down all of my decorations and we returned some things. Tomorrow we are cutting firewood, taking down the outside lights, getting our chickens ready for winter, and painting Karson's bedroom. I dont think that will all happen tomorrow but it's on the list for this weekends.
Have a great one!!

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