Friday, January 11, 2013

Things I like/dislike

 We've had a rough week. I dislike rough weeks. 

Too much fighting.
Not enough sharing.

Karson has liked our new game. "Grocery shopping" where I lay out all of the play food and boxes of little play cereal in the toy room and they come shopping. I put prices on the boxes and I make Karson count up his total. Then I act like the "register" girl as they call me. They have been really enjoying this game. They asked me if they can bring their grocery cart to the grocery store next time we go. I would, but that would end up in a fight because we only have 1. I dislike that I forget to buy 2 of everything.

I like when they share. I dislike the fighting over toys!

I like ok LOVE this little jewel. It's my sanity for the day.

Kevin says I'm dependent on coffee. Maybe so?

I think in the world of's very much needed!!

We have a busy weekend ahead with 2 birthday parties, church, grocery shopping,
and lots of family time.

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