Sunday, January 13, 2013

Projects and Parties

We've been working on a few different projects around our house. You know because it wouldn't be "our" house if there wasn't at least a few projects going on. While I do like seeing progress the projects drive me crazy. Kevin is painting Karson's room and we decided to try a stripe along the middle.

Like this:

So we have begun the process. It has been interesting. Always an adventure working with Kevin. He has his way of doing things, and I have mine :) I will soon be posting before and after pictures. Stay tuned!

Yesterday the boys had a birthday party for our friend Hallie from the Mother's Club.

They had a blast! 

I normally have them match because there are so many people there on Saturdays and I can keep up with them easier. It's quite the challenge to watch 2 little ones with lots of people in the building, but we did it and had fun! We have 2 more birthday parties this week and projects to finish. 

Here's to hoping we have a good week!

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