Monday, December 10, 2012

Sitting with Santa

Sitting with Santa is always something that you look forward to in the month of December.
I can't believe how much the boys have changed over the years, and I love to look back at the years and add a new picture to the collection.
Karson - 9 months *2009*
Karson (21 months) Kipton (5 months) *2010*
Kipton (1) Karson (2) *2011*
Kipton (2) Karson (3.5) *2012*
This year was my favorite of all of the years. The boys waited patiently in that long line for 20 minutes to see Santa. Momma was getting pretty impatient but we made it! They went right up to him got on his lap and started talking as fast as they possibly could. Santa couldn't even get a word in and Karson went on and on about how he wanted a helicopter because his last one broke. Kipton shortly followed by his wish lists of bulldozers, chainsaw, and tractors.
Then we saw the Santa mailbox and forgot our Santa letter. Karson was a little bummed but after assuring him that we could bring it back it was fine.
I love traditions! Even the ones that include waiting in line for 20 minutes with grumpy people all forgetting the TRUE meaning of Christmas.
Jesus Christ, Giving to others, and Family

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