Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday TraditionsI

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner about how your family begins and continues holiday traditions. Because the boys are so young (3 & 2) we are starting new traditions each year.
This year we began:
Letting the boys pick out their own "real" tree for their toy room and decorating it however they want. It is mostly done in Disney ornaments and ones they picked out at Hobby Lobby.
Began the tradition of having our very own Elf on the Shelf named Bucky.
The boys have enjoyed him so much and look forward to him each morning.
Pulling out all of our Christmas books and having them by the tree to read.
The boys can pick 2 stories each night for me or Kevin to read out of the Christmas basket.
They really enjoy "new" to them books. Some I bought and some I rented from the library.
Pulling out our favorite Christmas clothes and mommy taking lots of pictures in front of the Christmas tree. :)
Driving around to see Christmas lights.
Listening and singing Christmas songs.
Learning new Christmas songs.
Christmas shopping together (grrrr)
Waiting in line for over 20 minutes to see this big guy in RED :)
We also started a new tradition this year where each boy gets to pick out a gift around $20 for each other. I had Kipton out one day and I decided this would be such a great lesson learned. Giving to each other and not being worried about the receiving end.
Kipton picked a Jake and the Neverland Pirate doll for Karson that talks. He also picked 3 characters that go with Jake for Karson.
Kevin had Karson out one day and he let Karson shop for Kipton. He came back with a playdoh machine that has a bulldozer to make different roads, and a fish tank. SERIOUSLY KEVIN!!!!
I about killed him.
So it looks like we will be getting a fish a few days before Christmas and trying to hide it for Kipton.
Most importantly, learning about Jesus Christ and the reason for Christmas Day.
Every night after dinner I quiz the boys questions about Jesus' birth. (the teacher in me) If they can answer at least 2 of the questions then they will get a small candy from the treasure box. They LOVE this and have learned alot from doing this each night.
Questions like:
What is Jesus mommy's name?
What is Jesus daddy's name?
Who brought the gifts to Jesus at the manger?
Where was Jesus born?
What is the guy called that takes care of the sheep?
Why didn't Jesus have a bed?
Who appeared in the sky telling everyone the good news?
The boys have really learned a lot and enjoy answering these questions. Kipton even went into the nursery this past Sunday and afterwards his teacher told me that he was telling her all about Jesus birth and who everyone was.
I finally found a "Little People" nativity set last night at the Christian Bookstore. Bucky the elf had it set up on our coffee table to remind the boys that it's about Christ. They have been playing with it all morning. So cute!! 

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