Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Week & Friends

It's Saturday night but I kinda just realized last night that I only had 3 days until Christmas. The days have all ran together and I don't know what day it is most days. Here's a low down of our week this past week.
Monday - We grocery shopped in the morning and stayed home the rest of the day doing crafts, playing, eating, sleeping, you know the normal stay at home life.
Tuesday - Kevin was finally off work after working 7 days straight and had a friend over to hunt. Karson ended up going hunting with them and Kipton and I went shopping. Then that night we went to Chick-fila Family night where we got to eat, see Santa & cow, play, and have ice cream. Then we ended up at the mall for more shopping.
Wednesday - Karson had preschool that morning and Kevin was sick that day. So Kipton and I dropped Karson off and ran errands during preschool so Kevin could sleep his sickness off. Thankfully he felt better around dinner time. Later that night Kevin, my dad, and Karson went to deliver firewood to a guy. Kipton and I stayed home to wrap presents.
Thursday - This was Kevin's last day off of work so I took a subbing job at an elementary school. I hadn't been to this particular school before so it different but a good day with 1st graders. Later that night we had our good friends Erin & Josh over for a little get together Christmas edition :)
Kipton is so wiggly he is always blurry! haha
Erin & Josh with the boys. Look at Bailey yawning :) How funny!
This was the first presents for the boys for this year. They each got a John Deere shirt, a Bass Pro shop hat, and a new Wii game pack that came with hunting and fishing. It is pretty sweet!
Thanks guys!!
This is a horrible picture of me, but I thought it was funny that Erin got me a doorbell. :)
She is always getting good gifts that I really need. We didn't have one installed in our home when it was built and I'm not really sure why we didn't. This one is so neat because it just plugs in and comes with two doorbells to put outside which is nice!

All of the boys were loving the new Wii game and trying to figure it out. Karson especially likes to drive the fishing boat around finding the best fishing hole. I'm sure it will come in handy this winter when we are stuck indoors!
Friday: We had Karson's preschool party that morning. Kevin couldn't go so it was just Kipton and I that tagged along with Karson. Pictures soon!
Saturday: (today) The boys and I ran out this morning to Target and AC Moore for last minute shopping (can you tell I'm behind) and then came home for lunch and naps. Karson woke up super late this morning so I knew he wouldn't take a nap so mom came over to sit with Kipton while Karson and I went to the grocery store. We shopped and while we left Santa was there handing out candy canes. Karson asked him for a 2nd one for his brother :) Even though they fight, they truly love each other and think about the other when they are apart.
Just 1 more day until Christmas Eve is here! Karson CAN NOT WAIT any longer. He tells me every day about 20 times per day "Is it time yet?" "How many days?"
Love Christmas through a child's eyes

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