Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Preschool Breakfast with Santa

Last Friday Karson had a breakfast with Santa at preschool with his friends. He was pretty excited about going and having mommy and Kipton stay at school with him.
First we dined on donuts, milk, fruit, and juice.
Karson was introducing us to his friends throughout our breakfast meal. He was quite proud of his friends and of us too (which made me feel good, and Kipton too)
After breakfast Karson went up with his class to perform 3 Christmas songs they had been learning throughout the month of December. He is the 2nd from the left. Behind him is Ms. Rachel his favorite teacher!
Soon after the songs, the special guest appeared! Of course all of the little kids were beyond excited except for a few that I heard crying. Thankfully my boys were happy happy to see the big guy in red.
Kipton was a little bummed he couldn't be up with bubby doing songs but he stayed back with mommy and closely watched. He sat really good until the last bit and then started standing to see what was going on. Never wants to be left out or miss a thing.
Soon it was Karson's turn on Santa's lap. I couldn't get a good shot of him here but I'm sure he was telling this Santa the same story he had told the past 3 Santa's we have saw over the past few weeks. A helicopter and a trampoline.
After all of Karson's preschool friends were finished with Santa, Kipton asked if he could have a turn. We ran up to get a quick visit with Santa and of course my little baby couldn't have eaten up this time any more. He LOVES Santa. Beyond words.
When I told Kipton that we had to get going he soon gave Santa a hug and then a KISS! It was one of the sweetest moments to date. His eyes were sparkling and he was in pure heaven. Both boys have had a great time seeing Santa in different places.
Kevin and I joked that we can't believe they haven't asked why he is in so many places. The mall, Chick-fil-a, Preschool, another mall, and even at Kroger one day. I am thankful for these years where there aren't many questions, and just happiness to see Santa and live in a free country to believe and also believe in our one true BEST gift, Jesus Christ!!

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