Friday, December 21, 2012

Differences & Chick-fila Santa

Here are a few pictures from last year 2011 and this year 2012.
My goodness time is flying by and these boys are growing like weeds...
Kipton Lee 
2011                                            2012
Karson Bradley
2011                                    2012
After seeing these pictures there are a couple things I see:
My babies are getting soo big soo fast
I've learned alot about my camera settings and last years pictures were awful and I'm still learning alot about taking pictures.
Here is a blurry one of Kevin & I, but we had a 3 year old photographer :)
Kevin was off during the week this week and so we headed to Chick-fil-a this Tuesday for Family Night. I saw that they were having Santa and Santa Cow so I knew we didn't want to miss this week.
It was honestly the best Santa experience we've ever had. No lines and he was incredibly friendly and loving. He loved on Kipton like no other and it felt so special (not creepy) like a few other times I have wondered who's under that suit. Karson requested that he would sit on the Cow and Kipton would sit on Santa and they both agreed and were happy as can be.
Afterwards ice cream for everyone and playtime before heading out to see Christmas lights.
What a great family night. I love Christmas time!! :)

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