Thursday, December 20, 2012

NO more diapers!! read that title right, no more diapers in this house.
Last week Karson was a little sick so we were stuck at home so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to potty train. We used the same process we did with Karson.
Stay home, drink alot, and only use undies. It works!!!
I did a sticker chart in the bathroom and each time he went in the potty he got a sticker. He liked having LOTS of stickers :) This is way better than candy.
Super excited to offically wear undies and be just like bubby :)
By the 3rd day it was official and I could feel comfortable taking him out with just undies and knowing that he would tell me. We have had NO accidents since day 1. It was a breeze. I can't believe how easy he was. We also got rid of the paci this week too.
This has been a big week for Kipton and he's doing so great.
The boys love getting out the Halloween costumes and playing dress up. Kipton will dress up in anything but Karson will only be a hunter and wear his camo. :)
We are so proud of our big boy!

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