Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun times in December

There have been a lot of fun parties and get togethers with friends and family latley. I love December because there is always something going on, and I like to stay busy.
Brandy hosted a charity event at her house for a local preschool who needed toys and diapers. There were a few of us moms from the mother's club that came along with lots of her friends from college. It was a great time and I wish I would've taken pictures of her food and drink tables. They were amazing!
My good friend Christie and I
On this evening the boys and I were meeting up with my parents and sister for dinner at Cracker Barrell. The boys love it there because they like to look around in the gift shop. Whoever thought of that was a genius! It helps pass the time if there is a wait.
I picked up these shirts from Crazy 8 and they say "Worlds Coolest Brother". I thought they were really cute for them. Karson always gets a kick out of matching shirts.
Kevin couldn't go to dinner with us because he was leaving for work that evening. So we took a quick family picture before he left. Look at Kipton looking over at me. We can never get a good picture of him looking straight when he's with all of us. He wants to see what we are doing and doesn't want to miss a single second of anything. He is so fun!
I have to share something special about Kipton and our week this week.
My baby is no longer a baby :)
Pictures to come!

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