Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What we've been up to!

The boys have been enjoying LOTS of time outside now that our weather is so nice. It's their favorite place to be. Just hiking around, playing, riding their power wheel cars, and anything to do with the outdoors is always fun for them.
It is hard to get them inside some days..
We have been enjoying football for both Marshall and WVU. Can you tell that Kipton is going through the "I don't want my picture taken" phase? HAHA! Love his heart.
He has been going through some pretty rough days with teething. A small fever, and lots of chewing, and crying about his mouth hurting. I am 99% sure he has the 2 bottom 2 year old molars and is working on the top 2. I will so happy when they are all in and we are done with new teeth.
We have been staying pretty busy with the Mother's Club.
Lots of playdates, park time, parades, and bounce house fun. Making new friends, and catching up with old friends. I think the bounce house is worth every penny. They both took 3 hour naps after this morning.
Karson is battling "fall allergies". We are now trying a new medicine to keep him from being so puffy and stopped up. Hoping that things ease up a bit, but I am thinking it is from being out in the country with all of the trees/pollen falling.
He is enjoying preschool and loves his friends there. He has 6 teachers in his 3 year old class and they rotate centers where he is working on numbers, letters, counting, arts/crafts, singing, social time, and playground time. Since the 2nd day at school he has been talking about "Molly". She is a girl at school who Karson ADORES!! Each day after school he tells me that he kissed Molly.
The first day he said this...I was floored! Now we think it's kinda funny and it will be something we will tell him someday. I still haven't met Molly yet, but I have been trying to figure out who her parents are without being crazy asking around. I am pretty sure she gets picked up in the car line rather than the walk up line and that is why I have yet to meet Miss. Molly. But....the time will come :) I can't wait to get that picture of the two of them to have forever.
I have been making shirts like crazy for the boys. I love appliqueing!

I actually hosted a party last night for our Mother's night out where we got together and ate yummy fall foods, talked, crafted, talked, and ate some more! It was a blast. We had a great time and can't wait for the next craft/Pinterest party! I will post pictures from that soon.
Kipton is really enjoying Karson being at preschool too! I thought that he would miss him and ask for him the entire 2 1/2 hours but he doesn't. He happily says goodbye to bubby and we are on our way out. We normally run errands and make a park trip.
It is so fun watching him grow. I tell him he is my baby and he quickly tells me that he's a big boy.
You always hear people saying that "your kids grow so fast!" Some days I think of the future and how much easier it "should" get with these two wild boys. But in the midst of these loud and rowdy days I am so happy to watch them grow and stay little. I will never get these days back!

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