Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Happy 1st day of October!
One of my FAVORITE months. It's so fun! The boys and I are having a day at home today because the rest of our week is super busy. It seems like Fall time is so busy.
The boys and I went on a hike this  morning before the rain came. They love getting out and looking for nuts and deer tracks. Karson normally leads the way and is so willing to find a good rock for us to sit on and listen for "bears".
There has been many moments over the last few weeks of mere sibling fighting. Not sure where it came from all of a sudden, but boy is it brutal! I am TRYING (hoping/praying) to keep my patience and train these soldiers into great men someday.
Here is our new "management strategy" (insert teacher voice) HAHA!
I am thankful for being home with these boys.
They can fight one minute and be best friends the next.

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