Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mountaineer Boys

It's no lie that I am outnumbered with my 2 baby boys and a husband in the house. It is evident every single day that I share a house with all boys: (pee on the seat, leaving clothes all over the house, eating everything we own in 3 days)
It is also very evident that I am also outnumbered when it comes to sports. My boys LOVE being just like their daddy and rooting for their Mountaineers.
 I am thankful that they love college football like we do. Just wish it were a little more green!
Friday, Karson had jersey day at preschool. This is the outfit he wore. I didn't get any pictures and I was pretty upset about it but he continued to wear it all day so it was alright. I subbed this past week on Thursday and Friday so Kevin had to take him to preschool. He did great! He wanted to take a snack for his friends so I packed up 30 Halloween Gummy snacks. He LOVED sharing and took it in so happy Kevin said. I think the jersey day + the gummy snacks made his morning so special.
We decided to go out for a Family Date night on Friday. We took the boys mini-golfing. It was so fun to watch them and they really enjoyed it!! I was so surprised at how well they did. Kipton didn't really want anyone to hit their ball and kept taking our balls and holding them. We knew we wouldn't be keeping score, but mainly just teaching them a new hobby and they really loved it.
Then we ate at Cracker Barrel and they boys did GREAT!! It was the best they have ever done in a restaurant. A+
All of the training, talking, discipline seemed to be for something after we left that restaurant. We had 3 different couples tell us how well behaved they were. :) I wish they would be with us all the time and they would see that we are FAR from perfect, but TRYING to do our best at teaching our boys to behave especially in public places.
Since today is the actual Mountaineer game, we had to dress in WVU gear again.
We were invited to Kevin's aunt & uncle's house to pick some pumpkins in their garden. It was so fun and the boys had a blast.
Uncle John giving rides
Daddy and Kip taking a ride
Looking at his huge pumpkin patch. Uncle John ALWAYS gives the boys big suckers and Karson wouldn't let go of his. That is the first question they have for him is if he has any suckers.
We ended up coming home with 8 pumpkins straight from his garden. I was so happy to get them because the boys and I are hosting a "Pumpkin Carving" party for our Mother's Club. They will be put to good use in a few weeks.
I LOVE all things fall. Pumpkin picking, college football, and cute boys being 3 of them!

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