Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Friday

I guess nothing says FALL more than hunting season....right?
Kevin has been off work and had his first bow kill. He is so happy to have our property to hunt on and be able to go early and not drive anywhere. The boys were so happy to get outside around noon to find this. I's a little weird that I am totally ok with a dead deer, but when you live with 3 boys it's kinda just "normal". It really doesn't bother me. (I know some of you may un-follow me, but it's just a hobby and I know there are LOTS of men who do it and it's pretty good meat too :)
We have been in full "FALL CRAFT" mode. Thinking of daily crafts to do with the boys is pretty fun for me. Yesterday we painted pie pumpkins. They LOVED it!
Look at that smile and those eyes that are squinty! Karson has really shown here lately some different traits that he may have in his personality. A little shy, loving, very kind and giving, thankful for gifts and family, and a little ok VERY attached to momma.
After the painting of pumpkins got a little old, it was on to the hands for hand prints.
Of course I gave the boys baths BEFORE this......that was a little dumb but hey I try to stick with the routine and we had a little time to kill before bedtime so painting pumpkins it was.
Hope everyone is enjoying fall activities and crafts!
We got flu shots today...what fun with a 3 and 2 year old but we lived :)

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