Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preschool & Time

Karson is having a fun time at preschool on Wednesday & Friday mornings.
The picture on the left was last Wednesday where they learned about Fire Safety and the firetruck came to preschool for them to explore in. Kipton even had time to look around when we went back to pick up Karson. The picture on the right was last Friday. Karson can be very picky about his clothes so I have to choose my battles. He doesn't really care much for long sleeve clothes but I think he is seeing that it's pretty cold in the mornings. He always asks me to roll his sleeves up! lol Who ever said that girls were the high maintenance ones.
I can never get a real good picture of him in the mornings, but I always try!
Kipton eating breakfast. I pretty much dress the boys while they eat. Getting up and out the door by 8:30 is a challenge with 2 kids. I don't know how working moms do it, but I guess getting into the routine everyday helps the most. I am thankful for our time at home on those rushing mornings.
Karson still says that he has a really good friend named Molly at school.
I have been going through some of last year's pictures. Above are the boys last year on Oct. 15, 2011
Below are the boys on Oct. 15, 2012
What a difference 1 year makes! Time is moving way too fast.
Happy Wednesday!

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