Friday, August 10, 2012

Porch Swing and Football

Kevin got me a new porch swing! I have been dreaming of this porch swing since we bought the plans to build our new house. This one is white and is vinyl so it won't need re-painted every year and won't get moldy/scratched on the wood. It is almost like plastic. It has cup holders in the arms. Super nice!
It took Kevin 4 times to put it up because he wanted it just right. (which is a great trait to have)

I love it and can't wait to make some pillows and find a blanket to drape over it that all matches.

Nothing new to really blog about other than still working on the house. Of course!
It has been non stop working on some projects that we are wanting to get done before winter comes. (I know we are already saying that word)

We are 22 days away from the Marshall/WVU game. This game is the biggest game all season just because we are a "House Divided".

We have been to the Coal Bowl for the past 3 years together and I twirled at the 2 before that. We decided not to go this year and just stay home and have a party at our house with some friends. It will be great not having my husband YELL in my ear the entire game :) HAHA. Especially when we are rooting against each other.

I would much rather stay home for this game and eat yummy food :)

I CAN"T WAIT for college football, fall, cool days, pumpkins, and fall food :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are keeping it pretty low key.

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