Monday, August 6, 2012

What we've been up to: Projects!

I've been really enjoying Pinterest lately! I just don't have the time to do all of the projects that I would like to, but this weekend we did get around to a few.

I am really loving all things chalkboard right now. Being that I studied teaching for the past 6 years how could you not love some good ole chalk and fancy writing?

This was an old picture that I had up in the attic that I wasn't crazy about putting out in the house. We had some silver paint so we first painted the outside frame.

We then painted the inside with the chalkboard paint from Lowes. It took almost 4 coats to get it good and thick/black. I wanted this one for the boys toy room. I love how it turned out!!

I also did this one and put it in our bedroom. I bought this silver serving tray from Dollar Tree. I painted the middle with the chalkboard paint about 4 coats as well.

While Kevin has been home this weekend we have been finishing up our landscaping. Boy has this been a job!!! I finally pinned it down to a weeping cherry tree. I have been wanting one for years but not really that sure on it, but I really like the look they have. It will only bloom once per year in the Spring and I'm ok with that.

We had a lot of big rocks in the way of where the house was being built so they were moved but we kept them. My dad put them all in a pile with the bulldozer and then we went through them to keep the good ones. This is one that we kept and my mom painted on it. Turned out super cute!!

The heat/drought this summer has totally killed our newly planted grass and hasn't been good for my potted flowers. I water and miracle grow like crazy and still can't keep them healthy looking.

I am secretly wanting mums SOO bad, but I know it's WAY too early!!

This weekend has had it's good points and bad. I was cleaning Kipton's ear with a q-tip on Saturday and he jerked from me. The q-tip went in too far and it started pouring the blood. We rushed to the Family Urgent Care close to our house. They said it looked more like a scratch in there than anything but to wait for a few days and see if any infection or swelling would come up.

It has only bled one other time after we came home from the Urgent Care. But now there is alot of dried up blood in there. It looks awful! We have an appt with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor on Wednesday to have it checked out better and to just "BE SURE" because I am so paranoid.

I am hoping and praying it is just a scratch and we can get something to clean all of the dried blood out with. The nurse told me on the phone to NEVER clean a child's ears with a q-tip. Then why do they even sell them????

Keep us in your prayers for a great appointment on Wednesday!

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