Thursday, August 16, 2012


The boys got a new ride from Nana and Papaw. They love riding around the house.
Karson is a careful driver and baby brother loves to ride.

The boys are loving having their daddy home and cherishing times outside doing "boy things"
Like tree climbing...

What a cheesy smile :) Boys just don't like posing for the camera. They have work to do MOM!

Like sons!

When Kipton drives we have to be careful. There is a creek nearby and we have to make sure he stays on the flat grass. Daddy sometimes has to run! HAHA

They are loving the cooler weather in the evenings. It is almost 70 after about 6:00 and it is WONDERFUL playing weather.

We are not looking forward to the weekend because Kevin is going back to work :(
But we have lots to do to get ready for pre-school coming up in a week! EEEEK

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