Friday, June 8, 2012

Show us your Kitchen

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today where she is doing home tours. This week is Show us your kitchen. Last week was Show us your Living Rooms. You can see our living room HERE!

Here is our kitchen. The kitchen and the living room is all one open space. When we built our house it origanlly had an island in the kitchen but I decided not to put it in. Mainly because we wanted such an open space and I was afraid it would crowd it.

The view from our living room into the kitchen. We have only lived here for 6 months and eventually plan to paint the rooms a light tan. But for now, it's all white.

A little table in the eating area

The table where we all eat together each night.

A little decal I bought from Hobby Lobby that is on the wall behind our kitchen table. I plan on putting a long picture frame with black & white pictures in it.

Our pantry was one of the main things I wanted in the kitchen. At our previous house we had to store all of our food in the cabinets. It was a pain, but of course I got used to it. The pantry is so handy! I have to put a baby lock on the door or the boys would ALWAYS be into it.

I didn't think I would really do a "theme" for our kitchen. But here latley I have been into the rooster theme. I have picked up a few from Hobby Lobby and from a country store here locally.

Being that we have chickens & a rooster here at our house in the backyard is kind of fitting. So I feel it's nice! The boys also love seeing them in the kitchen and call our rooster "Big Daddy"

I dug through some old pictures of when we built the house.

This picture was taken October 2, 2011

Here is the kitchen again on October 20th, 2011

The final kitchen in June 2012

We LOVE our new house!

Hope you enjoyed our kitchen.

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