Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kipton - 22 months

I thought I would give a little update about Kipton. He sure is at a fiesty age right now! One minute he is so sweet, the next he is hitting. He has really been hitting his brother and even me when a tantrum begins. It is pretty rough. Time-out doesn't work well for him because he won't stay still, so if we are home he is put in his bed. Only because I need to teach him to stop and that is the only way to contain him at this point. It is working for now!

He is talking more than ever. Almost talking in complete sentences. I am pretty sure this is happening even faster than it did with Karson, and I'm pretty sure it's because he has an older brother to listen to. He is very smart and can follow 2 step commands well.

He is a breakfast and lunch eater! He loves these two meals but is not eating many dinners. Some nights he will totally surprise us and others he will not touch the meal. It is hit and miss with the dinner. He loves his milk warmed up in the morning and night.

He still has his paci and blanket. I am not really in a rush to take this things away mainly because he is talking well and he's my last baby :(

He enjoys taking a bath with Karson and wants to imitate anything that Karson does.

Kipton just recently learned how to PEDAL his tricycle by himself. It is quite amazing!! He has learned this at Nana's house because of her having a lot of concrete to use the bike.

Kipton enjoys the outside. He likes to play in the sandbox that Papaw Brad built, take walks, swing on the swingset, go down the slide, ride his bike, ride his little four-wheeler, check on his chickens, ride the big 4-wheeler, and help work around the house.

Kipton likes tractors/trains more than anything right now. He rarely watches TV, and he is normally wherever Karson is. I am anxious to see how he does next week when we have to drop Karson off at VBS and he won't get to stay. I'm sure we will have a meltdown almost every evening. He sure does LOVE his brother.

If he wakes up before Karson in the morning he says "SHHHH, Karson sleeping" :)

We love you so much Kip!

Less than 2 months and you will be 2 years old! I can't believe it.

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