Friday, June 1, 2012

Show us your Living Room

It has been a while since I have updated on our newly built home. If you are coming from Kelly's Korner for the post "Show us your Living Room", I will give you a little info about our home.

We are in West Virginia and so we are in the country! Our last house was in a subdivision and we liked that for a while, but we really wanted to build a house in the country. That is where I grew up, and I missed it so bad!

We began building our house last year in April and we finally moved in around Thanksgiving 2011. We are still working on a few things around the house especially the grass. There was  ALOT of dozing work done so we have a lot of grass seed to plant and water. That is our nightly chore "water the grass", and the boys really enjoy it!

Here is a view into our living room:

I still need something "really big" on the wall behind the chairs.
But I am waiting to find that special piece. I was thinking of a long rectangular mirror or a collage of pictures but I'm still not sure what will look good.

On this wall where the TV is, is our built in bookshelves. There will be bookshelves on each side of the TV with a fireplace on the floor with the TV up on the wall. We are still trying to find a contractor to hire that job out.

A view from our kitchen. Our living room and kitchen is like one huge room. I really wanted the open space for the boys to run and it to feel open. Our last house was so boxed in, and it make me feel closed in, so I really looked for a house plan with this area being large and open.

Hope you've enjoyed a peak into our house!
I think next week Kelly is hosting "Show us your Kitchen"

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