Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day in the Life - Day 3


Well after 3 days of writing down my life, I have come to realize many things:

1. It is pretty boring!

2. It is pretty much the same everyday.

3. We stay home in comfy clothes....ALOT!

4. I am pretty blessed with two healthy boys :)

We started the day around 8:15 when Kipton woke up and then shortly Karson woke up. We watched cartoons for longer than normal this morning. Karson was requesting that we "rest" which still isn't normal but he had not thrown up for over 24 hours at this point.

He really wasn't all that pitiful today. He looks pretty sad looking but he was really into his cartoon. While Karson stayed in my bed for a while, Kipton was ready for breakfast. This boy is READY to eat asap in the morning!

Yogurt lover!

After breakfast we played and cleaned up the house a little. We ended up going to the bank and to pick up a few things from Kroger.

We returned home shortly and took a little walk. Karson soon asked if we could go back inside which is totally not normal. I think he would sleep outside if we let him. So we went in and I made lunch and around 12:45 both boys were down for naps.

I got some cleaning done and finished watching a movie that I started last night. "The Vow" and it was super good!

The boys woke up early today around 3:45. We stayed low key and played inside and watched TV to help Karson gain back his energy. He has been super lazy which is totally not like him. It has been very quiet in the house which I am not use to, but kinda nice.

I did get him to play some McDonalds with me and Kip.

The boys are really into "games". This is currently the favorite. Hungry Hippos. We play it multiple times each day. They love it!

Our evening consisted of playing, TV, hot dogs on the grill, a little walk outside, and feeding our chickens. The weather has been kinda gloomy today so it fits the mood. I am hoping that maybe we can get out tomorrow and do something "fun". I have to admit I am a little bored. HAHA!

I like going to the museum, Chick-fil-a, the park, anything that is fun for the boys and getting "out". Staying cooped up in the house is really not fun, but I know it's necessary.

Here's to hoping that my wild man is back to his normal self tomorrow with his energy back!

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