Monday, May 7, 2012

A Day in the Life - Day 1

I have always found it so interesting to see into the lives of other people and especially now other mothers. It's so strange I know, but for some reason it brings peace and reassurance that there are other people out there living the same life as you. The line "you are not alone" comes to mind.

I choose to do this now because school is finished for me and I am back to being home 100% with the boys. Here is how our day went today:


8:00-8:30 am - Boys woke up (Today Kipton woke up first, with Karson following shortly)
Normally the boys will want milk and watch some TV. Today they watched videos on Karson's Leap Pad, which btw was the best investment!!

Just a little "good morning" hug :)

While the boys were watching TV I fixed breakfast and cleaned the kitchen up while they were eating. I normally just eat a little something and drink coffee during the time they are finishing up.

I got the boys dressed (for the 80's) and brushed teeth, hair, and packed our picnic lunch.

9:45 am - We were leaving the house to head to the park!!

We really enjoy this park!

We played on the playground, took a walk around the lake, and fed the ducks. Karson was all about feeding the ducks but during that time I was too busy keeping Kipton out of the water to take any pictures. There was some major fit throwing because he could NOT get in!! This boy is a serious water dog. The ducks were so sweet and so little. Two of them had hurt feet. Made me so sad. After feeding the ducks most of our lunch (per Karson's request) we went back to swing and then back to play a little bit more.

11:40 am - We left the park. Sheww! This momma was tired! It was also getting hot and Kipton's little face was super red. So we picked up a few things at:

We were headed back home around 12:15 and got home just before 1:00. The boys played outside for 10 minutes and we went inside to get changed into jommies for nap time.

1:20 - 4:20 NAP TIME :)
I normally clean, or make phone calls, or rest.

The boys slept wonderful and they both woke up around 4:20.

We played inside for a bit and I started dinner in the oven. Then we went outside before it started raining to play in the baby pool outside. The boys are loving the little baby pool with squirt guns and water balls. Before too long we went back in to check on dinner and it started raining shortly after.

We got out the playdoh while I finished up dinner. Dinner time is always one of the hardest for me. Preparing a meal with two boys wanting my attention and trying to check back on it so it doesn't burn! Then to get everyone to eat is another story :)

I have been giving these little "on the go" baby food to Kipton each night at dinner because he won't each much dinner. He normally just eats the meat so I try to buy these in vegetable as much as I can.

This boy however, will eat ANYTHING!! He is a big meat and potato eater as well as his veggies.

He was rewarded with a small piece of cake :)

And this little monster is not happy that he didn't get a piece of cake. But momma has to be firm in the "If you eat your dinner, you'll get a special treat!" So this is normally how it goes.
Karson is happy....and Kipton is crying. I am hoping that eventually he will give in to me and eat his dinner good :)

7:30 pm - Kevin is FINALLY home (Help has arrived :)

8:00 pm - Bath time, story time, 1 cartoon

9:00 pm - Bedtime. Kipton is normally right to sleep, but Karson sometimes needs a little talking to. He is really started a bad trend in getting up and coming to our room and asking us some random question just to get out of his bed. We are really working on "following the rules" and "obeying mommy and daddy". Hopefully this will sink in!

Normally after the boys are in bed I am doing:
The laundry from the day. I try to stay caught up each day so that it is not behind.

So that is about it for our day. I am normally pretty exhausted from chasing these two boys around and trying to keep them entertained. Hope you enjoyed reading and will be back for tomorrow's post.

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