Monday, April 16, 2012

100th Post!

When thinking about updating my blog I logged on to see that this would be my 100th post. WOW! It's quite an accomplishment. I have stuck with blogging and have to say I have enjoyed it very much. I am not very good at writing but love putting memories down on my blog to remember for years to come. Here is one of the first pictures I posted on my blog. The boys look so young!

May 2011

The boys again almost 1 year later..

April 2012

I wanted to share a few things that have been heavy on my heart lately:

1. Please say a special prayer for my grandpa and my dad. My grandpa has been in the hospital for the past 15 days and is very sick. He has been on a ventilator for almost 11 days and time is ticking away. There has to be some kind of decision made one way or the other. It is a very difficult time, especially for my dad. Please say a prayer for him! He is really struggling.

I never knew how hard it would be to talk about sick people with Karson. When mentioning that I went to the hospital to see Grandpa he really didn't understand why and how someone could get into the hospital for just being sick. It is also hard for him to ask my dad about Grandpa. I try to use my words carefully to not say anything that would upset my dad as well as not telling Karson too much because we all know kids will say anything.

2. Please say a special prayer for a certain boy at school who is going through a rough time. It is very hard to see some students who have to live such a hard home life that it affects their schooling. It truly breaks my heart.

3. Please say a prayer for me. Normally I am not one who requests prayer for myself, but I feel like I need it. As I come down to 2 weeks away from graduation, it is hard knowing what the future holds. One side of me really wants to take a full time teaching position. I love teaching, having the relationships with other adults, and getting away from the house. HOWEVER, I miss my boys so much while finishing up my internship. It has been super hard and stressful to experience the end of a degree, much less with a family. Because I have been home for the past 3 years with the boys and taking classes here and there, I have been able to be there for everything. Here lately I feel like they are gone from me way too much, and someone else is raising my children. (not really but it feels that way) I feel that God is really pulling me to just graduate and save my degree for later when the boys are in school. Please say a prayer for me that I really understand the true place that God has for me at this time. I really want to devote my time, heart, energy, and degree into my OWN two children that God has given me. They are only young once! I will have many many years to work, but I feel that guilt about not using a degree I've worked so hard for.

I know I don't have many followers, but if you do have any advice for me please leave a comment. I would really enjoy and appreciate it!

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