Saturday, March 3, 2012


Just a few random things to remember...
Last weekend we went to Disney on Ice in Charleston. We had to go to the 3:00 show because Kevin had to work that night so we let the boys nap in the car (which is always risky) and got there around 2:30. Karson was in complete AWWWW.....but Kipton not so much. These are the only pictures I got and they aren't good. Kipton was a hand full...BUT we made it through.
Karson still (1 week later) talks a ton about Mickey Mouse skating. He really did LOVE it! Waved at the characters and it was super cute. I know I look like a total goon in this picture but it's all that I have. There was not much time for pictures on account of Kipton.
Kipton did like Mickey Mouse skating and he was dancing in the isles. It was cute :)

The boys have been doing well. I got a 3 day weekend this week. It has been super nice. We have just been hanging around the house because Karson's allergies are all flared up from spring coming.

Karson was playing "doctor" with his stickers. Also, here is the Towboat shirt again. One of his favorites. He is really into dressing himself and wearing his favorite 4 shirts over and over.

Kipton is 19 months old. I can't believe it!! His life is FLYING by.

I am also getting ready for Karson's 3rd birthday party next weekend. I can't believe he will be 3 years old. He acts like such a big boy now.

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