Wednesday, March 7, 2012

19 Months and ALMOST 3

I can't believe Kipton Lee is 19 months old. It has really went by fast!!

He is talking like a mad man. He picks up EVERYTHING from his big brother. We got rid of the paci this month and he never asked for it. I thought that this would be a hard transition for him but it was SOO easy. Even easier than it was for Karson. Kip still has his blankie but that is fine for a while longer. Kipton seems to be an animal lover and very loving and cuddly to the people around him. He is a pleasure to be around.

More than anything, Kipton is in LOVE with his older brother. He absolutley adores him and wants to be JUST like him. If Karson rolls his sleeves up, Kipton rolls his sleeves up. If Karson puts his shoes on, Kipton wants his shoes to put on. Sometimes this copying act is hard on momma. He wants to do EVERYTHING that Karson does and sometimes that is hard.

A funny story to remember: Karson's 3rd birthday is this Saturday (March 10th) and we asked Karson alot who he wanted to come to his party. He responded with a few "little friends" but mostly the adults in his life. Nana, Papaw Brad, Daddy, Mammaw, Dane, etc. When I asked Karson what about Kip and he said Kipton was too little to go to the jumpy place. I then asked him where would Kip go and he said the Easter Bunny would stay here and watch him!?!??!?!
REALLY? I thought it was super strange but hilarious. We really haven't talked about the Easter Bunny much so I thought it was odd he would say that. HAHA!!

Notice they have the same shoes....because Kipton would throw a HUGE fit everytime we got shoes on because he wanted Karson's shoes. So I solved that problem real quick and bought him the same shoes. :) That's how life goes these days....whatever makes it easier on me.

Karson is super excited to be 3 in a few days. It is so bittersweet. He has had a rough couple of weeks with behavior but this week he has been a little angel. I don't know how to take this age!?! We shall see.

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