Friday, January 13, 2012


My life has taken a complete 360!! I am so used to staying home with the boys and doing my school work on the computer during naptime/bedtime. I am teaching at a school and being gone for almost 9 hours per day. Let me tell you....I am MANY things but I will spare you. Nobody wants to read about a complainer. But it is a complete different life as a working mom. I know I have spent the last 5 years working towards my degree to get to this last semester but WOW it is a big change.

Mainly because I miss THESE guys!! :(

I especially miss the mornings in our pj's until noonish.
Doing "whatever" we want...just having fun together at home, or out and about.

After summer break comes and graduation is over we will then make the decision and weigh all the factors in to decide if I will be working full-time or not. We are still a little on the fence. More than anything we want to think of retirement. For that reason I think a job is a good decision for our family but there are MANY more pros. We shall see :)
So for the next 15 weeks I will be VERY busy and won't have much time for blogging.
Hope everyone stays busy this winter.

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