Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year 2012

Welcome 2012!!

You have BIG shoes to fill. Last year was a GREAT year.

 Hope you are good to our family of four and our extended family and our "few" great friends.
New Year's Eve was just another evening at our house. The boys played Karson's new match game.

At 17 months, Kipton is in a stage where he cracks himself up. Seriously. He does something and then starts dying laughing. He also goes up to the door and bonks his head and then says "Ouch!" It's hilarious.
He is going to be my class clown.

"Got a match MOM!"

My parents came over and my mom made us all homemade pizzas. They were awesome!! I never have pictures of her because she doesn't like her picture taken. Totally opposite from me :)

This is what my dad and Kevin ended up doing. WORK! Our house is still lacking trim work and they are going to finish it. They can't sit still because they know they have a lot more to do. So they worked on the trim piece going from the hardwood to the kitchen until almost midnight. Such dedication!!

After my parents left Kevin and I watched the ball drop in our pj's eating in our room. The boys went to bed at their normal time. They could care less at this age. We had a fun night.

Hoping to have many blessings in 2012. Here are some goals of mine:

*Finish our house (trim, and paiting)

*Plant Grass

*Grow a big garden and reep the rewards

*Do Landscaping around the house

*Get the boys "playground" all finished up outside

*Give the chickens an outdoor area to run and get about 20 more chickens. Start selling the eggs

*Graduate with my Teaching Degree (may)

*Find a job over the summer (sniff sniff - still not sure about this :(

*MAYBE take the boys to the beach - I am not sure about this one with everything going on with the house but I would love to take the boys somewhere this summer.

Kevin and I love to check off lists so hoepfully this one will be done this year :)

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