Monday, January 2, 2012

Chickens and a Wild Rooster

When we first started building our house we knew we wanted farm animals. We knew that the boys would love growing up having some animals other than our small dogs that are inside. We decided to get chickens. Mainly because they give you a return. (eggs) We started with just two.

Karson named them "Jackie" and "Lou Lou"

After moving into our new house we realized that they weren't laying eggs and even though they are hens that don't require a rooster to lay we knew that if we had a rooster and some more hens that would up the competition and they would start laying.

So we sent Kevin off to get some more chickens and a rooster. We now have 5 hens and 1 rooster.
Karson has a HUGE LOVE for these chickens. He asks me almost every morning if we can go check on the the chickens. He has named them all.
Lou Lou
Mickey Mouse
Big Daddy (rooster)

One of Karson's "chores" is to help daddy with the chickens.
He follows Kevin around and helps him give them food/water/new hay. He loves to get the eggs out of the nesting boxes. When people come over to our house he normally opens the fridge and shows them the brown chicken eggs.
He is such a worker boy. He loves to work outside and do anything that daddy does. He is for sure a country boy and we are so happy to have made our move to the country.

A funny story: A few days ago while Kevin and Karson were cleaning the coop three chickens got out including the rooster. Kevin caught the hens but couldn't catch "Big Daddy". He chased that rooster for 2 days. We were worried that something would get it in the middle of the night. But the rooster just perched on top of the chicken house. Finally Kevin called a friend over to help him and they cornered him on the back porch and threw an old sheet over him.

He was not a happy rooster! But he is back in his coop with his "ladies". I have the chicken chasing on camera. It is quite funny! Kevin was not happy when he saw me filming him and he's chasing the rooster all over the hillside. HAHA!!

Memories in 2011

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