Thursday, December 22, 2011

What are you looking at?

At our AWESOME CHURCH they have daily devotionals that are sent to your email each day. I'll be honest sometimes I am too busy to read them but I normally do read them because they are very personal to my own life. Just wanted to share the one from today:

What Are You Looking At?

Read: John 1:6-8
Have you ever taken a close look at a manger scene? There are a bunch of figures all gathered together: Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men, perhaps even some sheep, camels and a donkey. Usually they aren’t placed in little groups talking among themselves. Instead, they’re focused on that Baby whose birth brought them all together in that place.

What if you were one of the characters in that manger scene this Christmas? Would you be focused on the Christ Child like the others, or would your attention be somewhere else? Would you be gazing out to the side, staring at the Christmas tree and all the presents lying under it? Would you be scanning the kitchen and dining room thinking about Christmas dinner? Would you be staring into the family room where friends are gathered for a Christmas party?

All those things are great parts of Christmas, but only one thing belongs in the center as the focus of our Christmas celebrations. That is God’s Son, born on Christmas day. The mighty God became one of us and came into our world to share our life, to suffer and die in our place, and to rise to life again to guarantee our eternal future.

His birth brings joy, hope, comfort and peace to all our Christmas celebrations. He is always with us to provide our needs and protect us from all harm until the Last Day when He will come in glory to bring us to our everlasting home.

Tomorrow (Friday) our church is having it's EVE EVE service and I can't wait!! It is always so exciting to see what else they will come up with.

Boys before shopping and lunch with Mom!
I love them sooo much!

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