Wednesday, December 21, 2011

House Update

As of last week our contractor was DONE! We are SO happy to see him gone. I know that sounds awful but it has been a long 6 months. We have more work to do inside and outside but Kevin and my Dad will finish those small things.

Love Christmas wreaths! They make it so festive :)

Looking into the kitchen from the living room. It's all one huge room.

I have hung some things on the walls but still not finished. Need to find some "big" pictures for the bigger walls. Those are the ones I always have trouble with.

The pantry. Kevin hung all of the shelves. He is so tired of hanging shelves. We are so happy to have a handy man around here. I wish I had about 2 more of him sometimes to get all of the work done. But I have to remember it will get done "in time". I am such an inpatient person. I am working on it :)

An up close look at the counter tops and cabinets. I am so happy with the way the kitchen turned out.

A little table I have in the kitchen.
I love poinsettias!

I will have more pictures once they are finished up with the trim work.

Hope everyone is getting everything finished up and wrapped. I am done shopping but not done with my wrapping. It is kind of hard to wrap presents with two kids around all day. Then I always say I will do it at night and then I'm so tired by 9:00 that I just want to clean up and rest.

It will probably be one of those last minute Christmas Eve things. :)

O the joys of parenting!!

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