Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pictures with Santa

We took the boys to see Santa about a week ago. We picked a weekday that Kevin was home and went in the morning so that there was not a long line. I was so proud of Karson especially. I was a little nervous that he would have reservation about seeing Santa that close but he didn't. He walked right up and sat on his lap and proudly stated that he wanted a bicycle for Christmas. Kipton also loved Santa and sat on his lap without any reservation. I was so happy with the outcome and with the picture.
Kipton (16 months) & Karson (2.5 yrs)

Last year Karson was not as much of a fan of Santa, but you MUST still buy the picture.
They are "Classic" and will make the boys laugh someday.

Karson (21 months) & Kipton (5 months)

Our first year having a baby and Karson was a delight.
He thought Santa was fun and loved to touch his beard this year.

Karson (8 months)

Hope for many more years of sitting on Santa's lap. I never want my boys to grow up!

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